Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trial and Error

Failure is an inevitable part of life, and I for one am no stranger to the frustrations of the learning curve.  What is important, however, is what we learn from our experiences. 

I have been without my bike for about two weeks now.  The main reason for the wait was to order the parts and convert my 2011 Stumpjumper to a 1x10 set up. Seems like the cool thing to do theses days. Plus, I'm a big fan of simplifying and in theory less moving parts should equal a more simple drive train.  This is the theory, however, the process of converting my bike to a 1x10 has been anything but simple.  I was really looking forward to doing the project myself too! 

The conversion requires a new chainring for the front and a Sram type 2 derailleur  to replace the one I mangled.  I did my research online and talked to my bike nerd friends about what the slickest setup would be.  I went to go order my new goodies from my LBS and was somehow talked out of my original plan and into a cheaper way of doing things.  Long story short, they turned out to be the wrong parts for the job. Actually the rear derailleur was fine but the chainring and guide combo I ordered turned out to be wrong. Waiting all that time just to find out I need to start all over again. Bummer.

The whole situation was my fault and made me feel like a big dummy.  I knew what I needed and changed it at the last minute to something I was unfamiliar with.  Indecisiveness isn't new to me. Some people might even describe me as such. 

Anyways, I guess I just needed a put it out there.  Summer is here and the trails are calling. Thanks to The Village Ski Loft, I should be back out there in no time riding, building, hanging with buds and sluggin some brews on the tops of mountains.  

I leave you with this doc about an awesome adventure through central Asia. 

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